Style- I can turn heads or roll extremely low-key with no make-up and a pony-tail. I basically wear three colors: black, white and denim. I AM color. 

I have more sneakers than heels, but know when to pull out which.

My extra time: Food, fun and fellowship with my really giant friend list OR tiny family.

Keys to my heart: Seeing a smile where their eyes crinkle, belly laughs, beach sunrises are as good as sunsets......chips, queso and a margarita in a comfy booth!

Howdy! I was once YOU! Be it the senior prepping for their session OR as the mom of one. My youngest is with the Class of 2022, too.

Back in 1993, my senior session was in Old Town Spring. I remember dreaming to make my awkward, beanpole self look like the drill team girl that had the perfect pose the year prior...she is now Kendra Scott. Ha, and no I couldn't kick my soccer-girl-leg up anything like her, but it didn't matter in the end! They were of ME and MY STORY up until graduation.

As for who I am? Positive ENERGY and a lot of it. I always joke that I am ON or OFF. What does that mean?

Quick Takes

meet HOLLY

meet HOLLY

Holly Davis Photography started in 2013 and niched into Holly Davis Seniors three years ago. It was all an ACCIDENT in many ways. I was not a dreamer until way late, my 30's. I wasn't even taught to dream for myself beyond being a wife and mom. I had no goals of being the next "lady boss". Gag. I do, however, have a massive inner drive coupled with just enough rebellion to have a "WATCH ME" side. I have since learned to call it resiliency.

My business was born from need. I am a technical nerd where most peers deeply identify as artists. I am not the "girl always with her camera". I was a woman who was an at-home mom desperately living externally for her validation and worth. I had to make change and DID.

Then it happened, photography found me and business was the catalyst to reigniting my soul. I would have never dared to dreamed this, impossible years ago. It is far BIGGER than anything that started with those shaky knees and no one believing this would ever go anywhere at all. Guess what? Over 9 years, hundreds or joyous clients later and a full-time income, most of those original people still don't get it.

The Deeper Version


Junk Food & bravo tv

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my fav hobby


half & half tea




breakfast in bed

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Bondi Beach