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How to Nail the Preppy Style for Your Classic Session

August 23, 2018

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How to Nail the Preppy Style for Your Classic Session – Boys/Guys edition:

JCrew, Vineyard Vines, Hollister…..brings to mind the all-American clean-cut style of prep, right?!?  The preppy style is classic and never truly goes out of style.  Are you a prep?

The Woodlands high school senior pictures

If so, read long for the top 3 tips on how to nail your Classic session with Holly Davis Seniors.

Tip #1:

Grooming needs to be on point!  A clean shave or a neat edge trim are two things that instantly bring in a classically handsome style.  I suggest having your hair cut a week prior to session so it settles in.  Shave, carefully, the day of your session.  Even if your facial hair is light, shave.  The light will pick up the strays.

How to Nail the Preppy Style for Your Classic Session

Tip #2:

Go for classic shapes, prints and colors.  Stripes, plaid, solids, khaki, denim, etc.  These are all main-stays in a preppy wardrobe.  Clean lines are key.  You can add personality with color easily:  brights, pastels or neutrals….they all can work.

Preppy Crew style senior boy pictures

Tip #3:

Clothing prep and accessories.  IRONING or  fresh dry clean is CRITICAL to the staple fabrics of a preppy style.  Have them prepped and properly stored in advance.


As for accessories?  Leather, suede, clean white shoes are great options.  A watch and a belt and you are all set!

How to Nail the Preppy Style for Your Classic SessionHow to Nail the Preppy Style for Your Classic Session

Holly Davis Seniors is a high school senior-only focused brand in Houston, Texas that serves:  The Woodlands, Cypress, Montgomery, Conroe, Kingwood, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery and beyond.  Holly Davis has been a professional portrait photographer for over 5 years.  Through those years in the industry, she has created a bold, fresh and distinct visual style that translates remarkably for high school seniors looking for the best experience in town. Holly truly seeks to create a three part vision for each and every senior portrait session.  She will work to combine the classic for mom/dad, the editorial fashion look for teens and combine them all within her professional knowledge and artistic style.

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