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Howdy, I am Holly!  I do life a BIT loud.  What does that mean?  It can be from my God-given hair color on through to my innate ability to turn strangers into friends.  Life is more fun this way, promise. You are invited to come see for yourself.


My son won’t take senior pictures…

April 29, 2019

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My son is 17….. I UNDERSTAND YOU, MOMMA! What a crazy set of years as a mom, am I right? If you are thinking “My son won’t take senior pictures…”, let’s think again together!

senior football player in suit for senior pictures

As a high school senior photographer, I even ad to ask my son if he would indulge me in a session next year. Was I going to have to hire a friend to avoid arguments? Yes, that was a genuine thought in my head. Here is what I have found:

Houston senior football scholarship oak ridge high school darius richmond

EVERYONE is a bit nervous or awkward when a camera is pointed at them! A teen age boy is no different, possible amplified fears if anything. Trust me when I say, that I empathize as I feel the same way.

It can be intimidating to them knowing that they not only have to interact with a stranger while on camera, but also look as cool as possible while doing it. PRESSURE, but it is all in the head. Fear always get’s a voice within us, BUT it doesn’t get to take a voice. Read that again, it’s a good truth to live by.

Oak Ridge Darius Richmond Incarnate Word football

Let’s be real here: no one will get maimed or hurt, no image of an awkward blink or trip will be shared publicly, plenty of extras will be taken to ensure only the very best are seen, I will work my tail off to help you look your best. Period. The pressure is on me and I accept it. The worse that can happen is an out-take image. No big deal. Deep breath.

Next, I will talk and guide through the entire session. Your son will never be left wondering what to do. He will laugh at some point. He will agree in the end that it was NOT as bad as he feared.

Will he be the next top model? Slim chance that desire will be born, but he will walk away knowing the he did this for YOU, the smile and pride on your face will penetrate into even the greatest of teenage cynics.

Guess what? My son has agreed to pictures. I even gave him the choice of one big outing or several small ones… be determined if he has one ounce of input. BUT, I’ve already bought two outfits for him to wear next fall.

Incarnate Word Cardinal Football Darius Richmond

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