30 - 45 minute portrait shoot

Single location
1-2 outfits

10 edited images for download

2 hour portrait shoot

Multiple location option

4-5 outfits

20 edited images on USB

2 hour portrait shoot

Multiple location options

4-5 outfits

40 edited images on USB

10” x 10” Heirloom Album

2 One hour portrait shoots Fall & Spring

Multiple location options

6-7 outfits

50 edited images on USB

10” x 10” Heirloom Album








(go-t0 for guys)


you don't settle for less, so your pictures shouldn't look like everyone else's.

it's GO TIME

it's GO TIME

1:1 support

Senior, mom/dad and me...go team! We are in this together as a working unit. Not all want in on the fun, but those that do, I am here for you.

Together we: brainstorm, share ideas, location scout, SHOP, wardrobe plan and go through all of the little and BIG things to prep you for session day.

This can be at your convenience in-person, email, phone or text.



Have you ever been scrolling Insta and you can tell who the photographer was just based on the location? Ya, me too.

I have lived in Houston since the 1980's. Doh! It is impossible for me to drive without seeing light and how it would photograph.

I will provide endless ideas for you.

The place is as important as you


First off, my camera and lenses cost way more than your iPhone. That is for a good reason, too. 

My 9+ years of knowledge and experience produce different results than your selfies right from the start. 

All images are polished and treated in Photoshop, but NO wild digital magic tricks are needed.

don't look back and ugh

3 Reasons We Should Work Together

Holly Davis Seniors does book months in advance, especially during peak times. 

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