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Think your son won’t cooperate for senior pictures? He WILL!

August 23, 2018

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Think your son won’t cooperate for senior pictures?  He WILL!  I have a 17 year old son who is a junior this year.  I understand the thoughts going through your head right now.  “No way will my son cooperate?”  “My son won’t know how to pose.”  “My sweet boy won’t be willing to get dressed up!”  YES, I’ve had those same thoughts and battles here at my house.  I feel your pain, but listen in for a second…..

chambray shirt back yard senior pictures

Each and every one of my senior boy clients leave the session agreeing that it was “WAY better than they feared”!  Score!  Having portraits taken can always be a bit daunting of a situation.  Most of these boys have never had a session all to themselves. I acknowledge that and work to put them at ease right from the start.  Seriously, one of my first phrases is often that they can not mess this up.  No way to do it wrong. <3  I walk them through poses, expressions, we joke, we do not take ourselves too seriously and we simply capture some moments.

The Woodlands preppy high school seniorCarlton Woods clubhouse senior pictures

We move quickly through the session.  The Classic is most common for boys and it is typically 2-3 outfits in 45 minutes.  We’re moving and capturing moments all along the way, so its smooth, funny and fun.  NO time for boredom!

Point three that I’d like to make….most of my senior boys agree to a session to please YOU, their mom or dad.  Raising a teenager has its rough days, but senior year is a milestone and majority of them will go through the motions of a a senior session to MAKE YOU HAPPY….they really will!

Think your son won't cooperate for senior pictures?

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