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The BEST wardrobe and styling ideas for senior pictures.

November 29, 2018

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Your senior portrait session, what to wear? Yes, it is a BIG question, but let’s break it down so it isn’t so scary. Truly, your wardrobe and styling is part of telling your senior story, but it needn’t stop you in your tracks. Let’s take a look at key thing to think through

The woodlands senior photography

The BEST wardrobe and styling ideas for senior pictures. Easy as 1, 2….3.

leather jacket klein oak senior picture

#1: What time of year is your session?

Plan your wardrobe according to your favorite season. Jeans and jackets are not going to be fun in September or April. You will be far too hot and uncomfortable. Sweating will affect your hair and make-up. We do not want that. What style make you feel your absolute best? Schedule accordingly.

Klein oak senior pictures
Urban rustic senior girl pictures

#2: Are solids or patterns better?

At all of the sessions with Holly Davis Seniors, you’ll have the time to wear more than one look. Even the Classic session can handle two looks, sometimes three.

Solids: Traditional, classic and always in style. However, we need to be careful to not color block the body too much and make you look like a stack of Legos. No one wants that. A good way to break up solids is to add in an element of texture. Lace, knits, accessories can also add interest and pizazz to a solid color look.

Senior girl poses with car

Prints: Bring them, but keep in mind scale and your body type. Everyone can rock prints well and we just want to make sure that nothing steals the show from your incredible face.

Prints can almost transition to a neutral if small in scale and almost monochrome. They can also add a dramatic pop of color and visually amp up the overall look.

So, solids vs. stripes…..either OR work. We will just work on proper balance and fit as always.

The Woodlands senior photography
The BEST wardrobe and styling ideas for senior pictures.

#3 Fancy or Casual?

Only YOU can truly make the call on this. First of all, you need to be comfortable AND be able to stand, sit, move, etc. If your shorts are too short, we can only do standing poses. If your pants are too tight, you won’t be able to move freely.

Beyond that, I often encourage you to mix up your styles. We will be able to feature both within a Modern or Opulent session. Push for a chic, fancy look and ground it also with a youthful, casual outfit that allows you to relax, sit cross legged and show off your fun side.

We want the overall session to tell the story of just who you are during senior year. Let that guide you!

Michelle Ivy senior photography

Of course there are more aspects, but here are three to use as a great starting point for he BEST wardrobe and styling ideas for senior pictures. Be YOU, nothing can go wrong with that foundation.

Blush romper senior poses
Texas Tech senior picture

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